Outage Reporting

In the event of a power outage, or if you are experiencing dim, partial or flickering lights, call us right away at (216) 664-3156; or fill out this online form.

Cleveland Public Power is committed to providing customers with safe and reliable service everyday. While we do our best to prevent power outages, and provide you with the best possible service, we still want you to be prepared for those occasions when power outages occur.

Let us know when there are hazardous conditions such as down wires or broken poles. Report these conditions to us but please keep your distance conditions. If you should see a smoking manhole cover or manhole fire, call 911.

What causes power outages and other power problems?

Bad weather is the most common cause of power outages. Traffic accidents and animals can also damage equipment and interrupt power flow.

High winds, soaking rains, heavy snow and thick ice bring down trees and tree limbs. These falling tree limbs can get caught in wires and may bring down the overhead lines. Lightning strikes making contact with equipment or trees can also disrupt power.

Hot weather will not cause power outages, however long periods of extreme heat will increase overall electrical demand through greater use of items such as air conditioning. Summer is the season when the demand for electrical power is at its greatest. Several days in a row of high electrical demand during a heat wave can create stress on electrical equipment, sometimes causing system overload. Overloaded equipment can overheat and sometimes fail, which can cause dim or flickering lights, as well as other power related problems including outages.

During periods of extended hot weather, especially when demand is very high, customers may be asked to reduce the amount of electricity used to help reduce stress on the system.

What should you do if there is a power problem?

1. Reset breakers or replace burnt-out fuses. If the breakers are on and fuses are connected, contact CPP to report the problem.

2. If your neighbors are without power, contact CPP right away so that crews can be dispatched to restore power as quickly as possible.

3. When you contacting CPP either by telephone or through the website, please have the following information ready:

• Your name, address, telephone number, and CPP account number.
• The exact location of any hazardous conditions, such as downed wires, broken or leaning utility poles, trees leaning against poles or wires. (Remember to keep your distance from any hazardous conditions)
• The names and address of those you know who use electrically-operated life support equipment.

4. If you have problems reaching us, please keep trying. When an outage covers a large area which is typical during a storm, a great amount of customers call to report outages and that can overload the telephone system.

5. After reporting a power problem to us, please allow a reasonable period of time before contacting again. We will inform you when your service is restored.

6. Follow these steps to protect your family and property during a power problem or outage:

• Tune your battery-operated radio to local stations for updates about service restoration in your area.
• Use flashlights rather than candles or gas lanterns to minimize the risk of fire.
• Check on friends or neighbors who are elderly, disabled or have special needs. Remember that elevators may not operate during an outage; a quick inspection for trapped people is recommended and should be reported.
• If you are handling dry ice, remember to wear gloves. For best results, place dry ice below items that you want to preserve in an insulated container.
• Turn off light switches and unplug appliances to prevent damage when service is restored. Leave a single lamp or the radio on so that you know when the power comes back. Once the power has been restored, you may then turn on lights, plug-in appliances and power up equipment one at a time.
• Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Food will stay frozen upto 48 hours with the doors closed.
DO NOT GO NEAR DOWNED POWER LINES. Always assume that electrical equipment may be energized.
• Never use charcoal or gas grills indoors because they can cause deadly carbon monoxide build-up.
• Use emergency generators safely. Portable generators designed to supply power to homes or small businesses during an outage can be extremely dangerous if not used properly. Contact a licensed electrician before connecting an emergency generator.


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